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Jet Nuij


30 September 2018 to 7 January 2019 in the upper room.

Jet Nuij, born in Heerlen (1959) studied ‘textile monumental’ at the Academy of Visual Arts in St. Truiden and obtained a degree of specialization ‘textile arts’ at the Academy for Visual Arts & Media in Genk (B). In 2014 she won the Academy Award Genk.

Jet explores in her work the process of remembering, loss, mourning and transformation. With tangible remnants and memories she seeks the vanishing point of the old and the appearance of something new. She transforms this and takes it away from oblivion in a new form. This creates fleeting memories, forever captured in a new skin. Her work is about deliberately forgetting, the destruction of historical material, the return of the repressed and the irreversibility of the past. But also the blinded spectator, the (over) living witness, the intimacy of family history and the history of her own birth region (the mining area) are important motives in her installations.