On the middle floor of our museum we show the history of Valkenburg.
Time goes back thousands of years to prehistoric times with flint artifacts and flint mines. You walk through the Roman period and then end up in the Middle Ages, the fortified town of Valckenborgh. Then you see how in the 19th century a new, flourishing period starts with tourism.

The collection includes a diversity of objects from Prehistory, Roman times and the Middle Ages, which mostly concern Valkenburg and surroundings.
With constantly changing and additional objects, the archaeological collection from Valkenburg and surroundings is constantly being adapted.
These objects include tools such as flint blades, axes and scrapers, household appliances, jewelery, defense objects, ceramics (earthenware) and building elements.

Stichting In onsen Lande van Valckenborgh
Archeologische Werkgroep Valkenburg, Restauratieatelier Valkenburg