Stichting Museum (Land van) Valkenburg is a volunteer organization with the aim to maintain the museum to tell the history and origins of Valkenburg and to treat the visitors to art and culture from South Limburg. Without subsidies, sponsors, ‘friends’ and patrons, the museum can not exist.

Therefore become a patron and receive the following benefits:

  • Free entrance for 2 people
  • An invitation for exhibitions
  • A festive welcome with a guided tour at the end of the year
  • 10% discount on purchases in the museum shop
  • Attribution in the hall of the museum.

Via the secure form below you can become ‘Benefactor’. You have to pay the full amount yourself by transferring at least € 50 to bank account number of ‘Museum Land van Valkenburg’ NL59 RABO 0152 8298 65. Also state your address in your communications because we do not see them on our statements and our helps to link your payment to the right person.



Stichting Museum Land van Valkenburg has been designated by the tax authorities as ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). An ANBI is exempt from donation and inheritance tax. Your contribution to Museum land van Valkenburg is a possible deductible item for the annual income tax declaration. See and

Legal interpretation of the term ANBI

The legal definition refers to an ANBI if an institution exclusively or almost exclusively aims at the public good and meets a number of additional conditions. With a cultural ANBI we mean an ANBI that is active in the cultural sector. These include, for example, theater, dance and opera companies, orchestras, music ensembles, theaters, libraries, film houses, pop venues and museums.

Tax benefits ANBI’s at a glance

With a minimum stake of 90% for a general useful purpose:
An ANBI does not have to pay an inheritance tax or donation tax on inheritances and donations that the ANBI receives in the context of the general interest.

Payments made by ANBI in the public interest are exempt from donation tax.

If an institution has been designated as ANBI by the Tax Authorities, a donor may deduct donations from the income tax or corporation tax (within the applicable rules).