The small specialized museum shop of Museum Valkenburg has a lot to offer and is well organized.


Books about art (also for children), artists, geology, archeology, regional history. During exhibitions, there are often publications that have a relationship with the artists and their work.


Postcards with images of artworks. These are also particularly suitable for occasions such as Christmas, New Year, birth and death.

Series 1: 13.5 x 13.5 cm (click on a card for more info)

Series 2: 11 x 17 cm (click on a card for more info)


Affordable work by artists. In addition to a permanent selection of graphics, painting, ceramics and jewelery, we regularly offer exhibited works for sale during the exhibition.


These vases, in which the minimalist style from Japan is combined with beautiful Scandinavian design, are produced in collaboration with the Swedish company Lindform. The products are made by hand, the porcelain clay produced is lead-free. All vases together form a beautiful pebble beach, but each vase separately is equally of a simple beauty, even without a flower!

Floor Sporck

I want to give my jewelry a message or story. That makes the jewelry into wearable works of art and as a result they get a symbolic value. Actually I develop a language that comes back in my jewelry. My work is cheerful and often exuberant, but it also makes me think.


The Molensteen vase is a concept in which a vase is created with painting linen. On the basis of a mold, parts are made, artfully painted and then stitched together. This creates an envelope of canvas in which a glass vase is placed.