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Museum Valkenburg: South Limburg art and history

Anyone walking through the center of Valkenburg will automatically pass a building made of marlstone with a hard stone platform. This used to be the town hall: an art nouveau building from 1900, designed by architect J.H.C.Kröner. Now Valkenburg Museum is located here.

Come in and meet South Limburg artists from the 20th / 21st century. In the downstairs rooms there are temporary exhibitions of works by famous painters: Charles Eyck, Sjef Hutschemakers, Hans Truijen, Jacques Vonk, Patrick Creighton and Daan Wildschut. Or of Amsterdam Limburgers such as Lei Molin.

Anyone who says South Limburg certainly thinks of marl. Many buildings such as this museum are built from marl. What is that? How is it won? Watch a video about this South Limburg building block on the mezzanine floor. This is also being redesigned. One room is entirely devoted to the rise of tourism in Limburg, in which Valkenburg was at the forefront. Historical objects let time stand still for a moment.

Still further back in time? Some 60 million years ago, South Limburg was part of the sea. An impressive collection of fossils from the Cretaceous period can be seen. About 5000 years ago this area was wooded. Residents used flint for axes and other utensils. Fun for grandfathers and grandmothers with grandchildren.

The top floor is the site of contemporary artists: they show work that is always surprising, whether it is abstract or spiritual.

Seen a lot? Take a break with a free cup of coffee in the Museum Shop. Watch a video for a current exhibition. In showcases are all kinds of art objects that are for sale. Welcome!


The geology department focuses mainly on chalk rocks, which occur in South Limburg, such as the Maastricht Formation and the Gulpen Formation. The museum has an extensive collection of fossils from the Cretaceous period (and a few fine examples from the Carboniferous and Devonian), totaling some 1,800 objects.

The archeology department consists of a varied collection of archaeological art and utensils from prehistory, Roman times and Middle Ages, as well as a number of loans from the Limburg History and Archeology Society. Highlights from the collection are the hand axes and other tools from the Neolithic flint mines of Valkenburg (more than 1500 artifacts) and a large number of excavations of excavations on the grounds of the castle ruins of Valkenburg.

The local history department displays historical objects from the history of Valkenburg and (reproductions of) historical documents, maps, drawings, paintings and photographs. Sub-collections include devotionalia, bells, militia memorabilia, craft tools and tourism. In 2014, the historical inventory of about 1000 objects of Pharmacy Hupperetz was handed over to the newly established Museum for Family History in Eijsden.

The art collection of Museum Land van Valkenburg mainly focuses on local subjects and well-known artists such as Charles Eyck, Guill Serpenti, Daan Wildschut, Pieke Dassen, Hans Coumans and Guillaume Stassen. The museum has 250 sculptures, paintings, drawings and etchings by the former artist (in addition to approximately 460 loans). In 2004, the museum acquired a glass-in-concrete window designed by Eyck, from the Sint-Jozefkerk in Vaals, which was demolished in that year. In 2014, the museum received a number of Van Eyck’s works on loan from the Catharijneconvent Museum in Utrecht.

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