Museum Valkenburg: the art and history of South Limburg

In the heart of Valkenburg you’ll come across an iconic marlstone building with an elegant facade. Designed by J.H.C. Kröner in 1900, this gem of Jugendstil architecture was once the civic hall. Today, it’s home to Museum Valkenburg.

Welcome! There’s something for everyone at Museum Valkenburg. Discover work by remarkable local artists from the 20th century to now. Our ground floor galleries feature changing exhibitions of art by renowned painters such as Charles Eyck, Sjef Hutschemakers, Hans Truijen, Jacques Vonk, Patrick Creighton, Daan Wildschut, and Lei Molin.

South Limburg is famous for its marlstone. Our rich architectural heritage owes much to this soft yellow stone. But what exactly is it? How is it quarried? Learn more about this local building stone in a video on the second floor. There, you’ll also find a gallery devoted to the origins of Limburg’s tourist industry, and how Valkenburg was at the forefront. Charming memorabilia transport you to a bygone age.

Join us as we venture even further back in time! 60 million years ago a subtropical sea covered the whole of South Limburg. Come face to face with ancient sea creatures in our fascinating collection of fossils from the Cretaceous period.

Did you know the Valkenburg flint mines are 5000 years old? Before iron was invented, our ancestors used sharpened flint to make axe heads, blades and all kinds of tools. Behind every relic is a story waiting to be discovered! A fun adventure for kids of all ages!

Our top floor gallery is the domain of contemporary artists. Experience inspiring artwork in presentations featuring all types of art, from figurative to abstract, to spiritual.

Why not take a break during your visit? Enjoy a free cup of coffee in our Museum Shop. Explore our selection of gifts, books and accessories inspired by local art and heritage.