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Sponsorship of the museum

The municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul subsidizes the Museum with € 50,000 per year. But the Museum itself must also collect € 50,000 every year through visitor income, subsidies, contributions from Friends and Benefactors and through sponsoring. To keep the interior and collection up to date, the museum has started redesigning. A trial room has recently been set up in this context. The incidental costs of the entire project amount to € 350,000 in total, but the implementation will take place in phases in the coming years. Large and small sponsors are sought for this. Do you want to participate?

The Museum has main sponsors, with an indication on all museum publications, in the categories:

Gold: from € 30,000
Silver: from € 15,000
Bronze: from € 5.000

Give a room to a room: € 5,000; the name of the sponsor is mentioned on a plaque.
Sponsorship of amounts between € 500 and € 5,000 is mentioned at the relevant exhibition or other event.

Sponsors of € 50 – € 500 are listed as a patron on the board in the corridor ‘The Wall of Fame’.

The tax authorities even multiply your gift. Nice is not it!

Donate and neglect

The Museum has the ANBI status: every donation is deductible, but a threshold and a maximum apply. The entire amount can be deducted without restrictions by ‘donation at act’. How? You agree with the Museum to donate a certain amount for five years. Then this amount can be deducted tax-wise in its entirety each year. The relevant form can be downloaded on the website of the Tax Authorities:

Charities often receive a legacy or (a part of) an inheritance. For such a donation one must go to the notary. These board members of the Museum can inform you about this:

De heer Mr. F.E. Boon, bestuursvoorzitter
De heer K. Damhof, penningmeester

State of affairs sponsorship refurbishment:

Golden sponsors:

Municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul
Fien Huth Foundation
Elisabeth Strouven Foundation

Silver sponsor:

Social Institutions Fund

Name of the room:

Kiwanis Valkenburg aan de Geul (Charles Eijck Hall)
Jacques Vonk Foundation (Jacques Vonk Hall)

In addition, numerous institutions, companies and private individuals have made larger or smaller amounts available.

Stichting Museum Land van Valkenburg has been designated by the tax authorities as ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). An ANBI is exempt from donation and inheritance tax. Your contribution to Museum land van Valkenburg is a possible deductible item for the annual income tax declaration. See and

Legal interpretation of the term ANBI

The legal definition refers to an ANBI if an institution exclusively or almost exclusively aims at the public good and meets a number of additional conditions. With a cultural ANBI we mean an ANBI that is active in the cultural sector. These include, for example, theater, dance and opera companies, orchestras, music ensembles, theaters, libraries, film houses, pop venues and museums.

Tax benefits ANBI’s at a glance

With a minimum stake of 90% for a general useful purpose:
An ANBI does not have to pay an inheritance tax or donation tax on inheritances and donations that the ANBI receives in the context of the general interest.

Payments made by ANBI in the public interest are exempt from donation tax.

If an institution has been designated as ANBI by the Tax Authorities, a donor may deduct donations from the income tax or corporation tax (within the applicable rules).