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The geology collection gives an idea of ​​the origin of the Limburg soil. South Limburg is special for coal and marl. In Valkenburg, especially marl, created in the Cretaceous period, is visible everywhere. In the museum, fossils, minerals and rocks from millions of years tell how these mineral resources originated. The collection covers the area from South Limburg to the Eifel and the Ardennes. Donors and lenders of the collection are Mr and Mrs Gommans, Messrs Vlieks, In de Braek (Curfs quarry, in their own possession), Leurs, the fathers of the Sacred Heart (in their own possession). The Dutch Geological Society, department Limburg, manages that which is not in the museum’s own possession.

The number is 1200 fossils, giving a general overview of the geology of South Limburg, from Devonian to Holocene, and 700 fossils of marl and stone, from the Cretaceous period, which are of particular importance for the geological history of Valkenburg. Mergelstad.

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