Our current and upcoming exhibitions

A journey through time

29 March 2019 - 29 March 2029

(Foto: Theo Solberg) With our middle floor we want to tell the story of Valkenburg and the surrounding area. From the oldest antiquity to modern times. You will find everything about geology, archeology and flint, but also about Valkenburg as a marl town and fortified city. Themes such as Catholicism, the Geul, tourism [...]

Exhibition “Beeld-taal”

31 March - 16 June

In the upper room of the Valkenburg Museum, an exhibition of Pauline Luiten and Jef van de Leijgraaf can be viewed from 31 March to 16 June 2019. Both artists use their own 'visual language' in their work. Pauline Luiten (foto: Theo Solberg) Pauline Luiten (1964) studied drawing art at the Kunstacademie Maasmechelen. [...]

‘Remember me’

5 May - 9 June

Museum Valkenburg will show an intriguing exhibition by Karin van der Linden from Weert in the Jacques Vonkzaal from 5 May to 9 June 2019. Karin's work exudes an atmosphere of memories, both in terms of performance and thematically. This is in fact the essence of the work. Memories offer Karin fixed values, with which [...]

Jan Tullemans en Wil Leenders The Bon Vivant and the Realist In the period from 5 May to 11 August 2019, in collaboration with the Jacob van Horne municipal museum in Weert. Museum Valkenburg bring together for the first time the work of two artists from Weert: Jan Tullemans and Wil Leenders, the “Bon Vivant” [...]