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The exhibition “Secrets of De Piepert” by photographer Annemiek Mommers will be shown in the Jaques Vonk room of Museum Valkenburg from 9 August to (extended!) 20 September 2020.

With this photo exhibition Annemiek takes the viewer on a walk through the nature reserve from her youth. Photographer Annemiek Mommers (1972) was born in Eys. She studied Photographic Design in The Hague and, in addition to her work as a photojournalist, makes art in which she combines photography and painting. With her own way of looking she translates stories into one image.

Using photos, found objects and stories, she paints a picture of De Piepert in Eys and marvels at all the beauty she encounters along the way. On her journey through time, she uncovers the rich history of this unique nature reserve and rediscovers the things she encountered during her walks with her father. With the open-mindedness of the unruly girl she once was, she searches for stories that De Piepert has to tell. During her search, she discovers a mysterious hatch in the Eyser Forest, comes across a ghost wagon and unravels the secret of the fairy tale characters that have been there for more than ten years. In her photos with accompanying book, Annemiek not only records the wonderful things she finds, she is also amazed at the seemingly ordinary things she sees during her walks. She captures them in all their beauty and hopes the reader will look over her shoulder. Because what seems normal at first glance often turns out to be something very beautiful. With her ‘Secrets of De Piepert’ Annemiek Mommers not only invites visitors to walk through the landscape of her youth, she also hopes that with this exhibition and the book she made about it, she inspires people to become more aware of their own environment.

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Entree voor het gehele museum:

  • € 8,00 p.p. (incl. gratis kopje koffie)
  • Studenten: € 4,00 p.p.
  • Museumkaart, begunstigerskaart, ICOMkaart en vriendenpas geldig
  • Kinderen tot 12 jaar onder begeleiding: gratis