Exactly on his fiftieth anniversary, our museum opened an exhibition on the life and work of Jan Hanlo on Sunday, June 16. The opening was performed by writer and poet K. Schippers together with Prof. dr. Wheel Kusters. Among the more than one hundred attendees were Nic Tummers and Ser Prop, who, like Schippers, were close friends with Hanlo.

In his introduction, Wiel Kusters provided insight into the design of the exhibition, which was set up by him, Ser Prop and Jan Schurgers with the help of Rob Kooiman. K. Schippers entertained the numerous public with wonderful anecdotes about his meetings with Jan Hanlo in Amsterdam.
The exhibition shows personal notes, literary work, mementos, drawings from his childhood and all sorts of other attributes so that the visitor can form a unique image of Valkenburg’s best-known poet.