14 05 2019

Romansweek in Museum Valkenburg

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Wednesday 8 May was a special day in the Valkenburg Museum. The Romans returned to our museum for a day. A Roman army leader taught the visitors to march. The archaeological halls were decorated with a Roman scene to make selfies. Visitors were able to dress in clothing from that time. The Roman fortune teller, Elisia, cast bones to answer questions of life. All this while enjoying a Roman snack and drink. Furthermore, on the second floor in the archaeological restoration studio it was possible to investigate Roman foundations, which happened with great enthusiasm ... Read more on our website:

13 05 2019

Museum Valkenburg becomes Via Belgica place

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Our museum was officially included as a Via Belgica site on 7 May. For that occasion we have opened a beautiful exhibition about Roman life in Valkenburg. The Via Belgica was already the most important lifeline for this region in Roman times. Numerous finds tell the story of the former inhabitants of Roman Valkenburg and their luxury villas and also of the economic aspects of that time. Unveiling Via Belgica point by mr. Meijers, Alderman of the municipality of Valkenburg, and Mr. Teunissen, Provincial Executive of Limburg. Via Belgica is an initiative of various municipalities to make the road more "visible". Numerous companies, museums, and other organizations have thus committed themselves to the Roman Past. In the museum shop you can buy the book "Roman South Limburg Guide". An interesting reference work on the Via Belgica with articles, routes, overnight stays, food & drinks, museums, etc. Read more on our website:

9 05 2019

The fifth of May was busy in the Museum Valkenburg

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The liberation year of May 2019/2020 was opened in front of our museum around 1 pm. Alderman Bisschops gave an excellent speech and the male choir Walram sang some beautiful songs, after which the brand new Valkenburg liberation song was started. This song, which moved many people, was composed by the Valkenburg municipal officer Bob Heugen. The opening of the artworks by Karin van der Linden took place at 2 p.m. The Vonkzaal completely adorned with art consisting of materials applied to textiles, was well occupied and everyone enjoyed the beautiful introduction by Tineke Geurts, head of the temporary exhibition committee at the Kantfabriek museum in Horst. Just after 3 p.m., Resi Vervoort opened the vernissage of the retrospective exhibition of the work of Jan Tullemans and Wil Leenders on behalf of the museum under great interest. John Vercauteren, curator of the Jacob van Horne municipal museum in Weert, painted a strong verbal portrait of the two Weert art brothers. The whole thing was then musically graced by Ira, the daughter of Wil Leenders and her partner. At the end of the opening of the Leenders / Tullemans exhibition, Mrs. Lizenka Peters from Rabobank Zuid-Limburg-Oost presented two characteristic paintings by Charles Eijck as a gift to our museum. In this way, Rabo hopes to bring artworks that otherwise remain in storage to the people again. For more information, visit our website:

1 05 2019

Atelier op Tafel, another resounding success!

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The annual "Atelier op Tafel" sales exhibition, which was held in our museum on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April, was a resounding success. Around 350 visitors were able to enjoy the various works of art that were selected by twenty selected artists from the region. The diversity in approach and use of materials was exceptional: beautiful glassware, sculptures, architectural works, jewelry, drawings, realistic music-based paintwork, mystical colorful paintings, etc. L1 Radio interviewed various participants in a live broadcast on Saturdays. These days were also valuable for the mutual contacts of the participants and the contacts with the very interested public. We are already looking forward to next year.

17 04 2019

Karin van de Linden exhibits ‘Remember me’

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Museum Valkenburg will show an intriguing exhibition by Karin van der Linden from Weert from 5 May to 9 June 2019 in the Jacques Vonkzaal. Karin's work exudes an atmosphere of memories, both in terms of execution and thematically. This is in fact the essence of the work. Memories offer Karin fixed values, with which she gives her work meaning and direction. Karin van der Linden (1957) starts making assemblies in 2010. To this end, she collects orphan materials: objects, or parts thereof, with a past. By combining them, merging them together and adding their own creations, penetrating atmospheric images are created. Her recent work shows a shift to working with and processing textiles. Embroidery plays an increasingly important role, without the images losing in intensity. The themes she deals with in her work are topics from daily life: love, death, the life cycle and letting go. In her work she links the mysterious lives of her mother and grandmother, as well as the influence that these lives have had on her own life, to the aforementioned themes. The exhibition can be seen from 5 May to 9 June on our website for more information.

15 04 2019

National Romans Week 2019

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The sixth edition of the National Romans Week will take place from 4 to 12 May 2019. A week entirely devoted to the history of Roman times in the Netherlands, with dozens of activities and events for young and old every day. A continuous exhibition about Roman Valkenburg and Via Belgica. In the Valkenburg Museum you can get acquainted with the tangible Roman past of Valkenburg and the surrounding area. The Archeology department shows an overview of Roman life in the Geuldal. Various archaeological finds from Roman Valkenburg can be admired in the Valkenburg Museum. These objects tell the story about the Via Belgica route. Four locations have been included in the Via Belgica route within the municipality of Valkenburg. The Roman road in Houthem, the villas in the Geuldal, the watchtower on the Goudsberg and a trip to the Roman Catacombs (burial culture). The tangible finds of these places can be seen in Museum Valkenburg, on the first floor, Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm and Saturday / Sunday from 12 am to 5 pm. Wednesday, May 8, 2019: MODE ROMANO FEMINA You can taste Roman snacks and drinks, the Optio Centuriae teaches young visitors to march like the Roman soldiers did and Elisia Ferraris predicts the future based on sheep bones. Every visitor can be dressed as a Roman photographed in the Roman living room! Restoration studio Come and take a look on Wednesday in the restoration studio in Museum Valkenburg! Have you always wanted to know how an archaeological investigation works? Or have you found something yourself and want to know what it is? Our archaeological working group deals with various excavation materials from the history of Valkenburg aan de Geul. We examine the remaining material, identify it and restore the objects. Admission 6 euros, children up to 12 years (under supervision) free.

14 04 2019

Jan Tullemans and Wil Leenders

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De Bon Vivant and the Realist. In the period from 5 May to 11 August 2019, Museum Valkenburg brings together for the first time the work of two artists from Weert: Jan Tullemans and Wil Leenders, the 'Bon Vivant' and the 'Realist'. Friends of art who, while studying together at the same art academy, each went their own way in the art world of their generation. Part of the works by Jan Tullemans comes from the private collection of Frans Hovens. The works shown by Wil Leenders are compiled from the collections of his children, from private collections, and both artists also have loans from the Jacob van Horne municipal museum.

11 04 2019

Studio on Table 2019

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On Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 April 2019 the annual "Workshop on the table" will take place in the Land van Valkenburg museum. Professional artists in various disciplines show their work there, offer it for sale and get in touch with visitors to the museum. You are very welcome at this colorful and artistic event! 27 and 28 April - 11 am to 5 pm Admission: € 3.- (museum card valid)

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