On Saturday, March 5, Alderman Vermeer reopened our renovated museum. The fascinating photo exhibition ‘Faces of Valkenburg’ based on the book of the same name by journalist Hans Hoenjet, started in the Jacques Vonkzaal.

The exhibitions in the Charles Eyckzaal and the Grote Zaal were opened on Sunday 6 March. The large audience present heard proud board members say that the museum has been refreshed and ‘continues full speed’ after the forced closure. The exhibition ‘Color Etching’ by the well-known graphic artist Ries Kleijnen shows a colorful collection of landscapes inspired by the many journeys she made. She uses labour-intensive techniques to create special, attractive and colorful works of art in which the sun is never far away, according to initiator Bère Miesen. A video will be shown during the exhibition showing how Ries makes the etchings.

Art historian Monique Dickhaut explained that the exhibition ‘Art blooming in love?’ was preceded by a long preparation. Work is shown by eleven well-educated Limburg artists who were married to well-known artists. At that time (the reconstruction period 1945-1965) it was not common for women to manifest themselves as artists. The family and the household came first for most (not all) female artists. The influence this had on their career is highlighted in this exhibition. These rediscovered female artists deserve – according to Monique Dickhaut – to take their place in art history after getting acquainted with their work.

Work by the only artist still active in this group, 95-year-old Marijke Stultiens-Thunnissen, has been given a special place. A video can be seen in which his talks about her life and work. Marijke Stultiens was honored during the opening.