Recently a new, contemporary and artistic product is on sale in our Museum Shop: LH58 “Bijdehandte” felt bags by Lies Holthinrichs.

Inspiration for design felt bags: “Simplicity, functionality and contrasts are the guiding principles I am going to shape. Such as color and material contrasts. For example, smooth-rough or glossy-dull. It is a challenge to design felt bags that show their simplicity of beauty and be functional.”


The felt bags are made of 100% industrial wool felt and / or in combinations with other materials. Wool felt gives the possibility to design sleek and honest bags without fuss. The models are timeless. It has a chic and sporty appearance. Wool felt is extremely strong, light as a feather, fire-resistant, water-repellent and naturally self-cleaning. All bags have an inside pocket for GSM.


“I have the felt bags for store sales made in a social enterprise where people with a distance to the labor market are trained. The felt bags are made with great attention and great care from the manual cutting of all parts to the assembly of the bag with the sewing machine ..”