Buying art in the museum

On Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 April 2019 the annual ‘Atelier op Tafel’ will take place in the Land van Valkenburg museum. Professional artists in various disciplines show their work there, offer it for sale and come into contact with the visitors of the museum. You are welcome at this colorful and artistic event!

27 and 28 April – 11 am to 5 pm
Entry: € 3.- (museum card valid)

The participating Artists are:

Ger Koks: drawings and paintings
Ankie Vrolings: ceramics – black confusion
Danielle Posthumus: paintings
Mart van Golde: greeting cards and brush drawings
Edith Tergau: ceramics
Els Taminiau: special wear objects
Mathy Angels: drawings and paintings
Frans Thevis: ceramic sculptures
Anita Lortije: painted wooden furniture and objects
John Stultjens: sculptures in stone and iron
Jacob Muys: graph – C prints
Jacqueline van Putten: sculptures in ceramics
Georges Daemen: paintings
Hans Raymaekers: photography – Limburg hilly landscape
Clemens Maassen: paintings
Erik Pluis: glass sculptures and epoxy painting
Chris Gad: bronze
Ahmed Kleige: paintings
Liat Ulmer: LiArt Glass – glass objects
Jetty Bindels: paintings

More information at Jos Solberg – Tel. 0031 (0) 617374165