(Foto: Theo Solberg)

In the presence of Nine Molin- van Caldenborgh and 130 visitors, the Lei Molin exhibition was opened on Sunday 27 January.

It is certainly not the first time that Museum Land van Valkenburg dedicates an exhibition to the work of Lei Molin, but what makes the exhibition interesting now is that work is shown here mainly from the last period of his life. After working in black and white for many years, the color returned. Lei knew he was incurably ill and, as Nine said, he did not want anything more than painting in this last period.

Afterwards, this work was un-framed, and never shown, waiting for a new exhibition. It is now there. And in that sense it is a first for the museum that mainly work from this period is presented.

In the Jacques Vonkzaal a smaller exhibition is dedicated to the movement “Artishock”, founded in the early sixties by Lei Molin and Rob Stultiens, with which a group of artists resisted the then artificial climate. Almost all participating artists have collected and exhibited work from that period.

The exhibition can still be seen until April 22, 2019, click HERE for more information.

(Foto: Theo Solberg)