In a new section ‘Art in house’ we always highlight a work of art that is in our museum’s own possession.

This work can be seen in the bay window of the castle room of “de Mergelstad” in the Valkenburg Museum.
It is a spatial drawing, soldered, welded and sewn and is completely manual work. It is installed interactively as a hinged screen door / frame. The spectator can and may move with it or hinges. The door can thus be closed, ajar or fully opened. Naturally in a calm manner. This way you can view the work from all sides.
Natascha Waeyen tells about this:
“When I was asked to make a contribution to the castle room, the connection with the theme of this room, the attributes, the images in the room and the view of the castle ruins was quickly made. The coat of arms of Valkenburg, the castle room with the large painting and the view of the castle ruins from the bay window in the castle room were the inspiration. The bench in the bay window is a nice place in the room to take in the room and when you turn your head to look outside in the direction of the castle on the hill in Valkenburg, my work suddenly appears. You then look right through the artwork and connect the objects in the space, the theme of the space, the artwork and Valkenburg itself. The castle plays a prominent role in everything.”