As previously written, Museum Valkenburg was flooded by the flooding of the Geul. After the water had retreated, the works of art on the ground floor were brought to safety and the volunteers cleared and cleaned debris. Having barely recovered from the shock, we have started to take a detailed inventory of the damage, explore repair options and carefully plan how and when we can reopen.

When cleaning up all lost items such as kitchen, carpeting, printing, appliances, etc., our volunteers were helped a lot by Peter and Anita from Klimmen. Peter drove his shovel back and forth to bring things to containers. It was really fantastic!

In the meantime, the municipality (owner of our building) has had various building dryers and fans installed by a specialized company, with which we have already significantly reduced the humidity on the ground floor in the past week. Fortunately, the first and second floors still have good and stable humidity.

A conservative estimate is that we will be closed for the next three months, given that the rooms have to dry first and then the repair work has to start. Unfortunately, the first signal from our household insurance was not positive: such flooding is not insured! We now have to wait for further research and developments from the disaster fund.

With the closure of six months due to national COVID-19 measures still fresh in our minds, this is another severe setback that demands a lot from our volunteer organization. Reason why your support is certainly welcome. For example in the form of a donation, by transferring an amount to Rabobank NL59RABO0152829865 in the name of Museum Valkenburg, Grotestraat Centrum 31 | 6301 CW Valkenburg aan de Geul