A duo exhibition by Georges Daemen and Claartje van Oosterum can be viewed from 27 September to 6 December 2020 in the upper room of Museum Valkenburg.

As a painter Georges Daemen (1948) strives for a narrative realism that evokes dream and reality in a poetic way. He likes to play with light and dark and prefers to work in oil paint and in transparent layers. Music is his greatest source of inspiration.

Claartje van Oosterum (1957) is a passionate artist. In her field she combines art and spirituality by guiding people in their personal awareness process and at the same time sculpts the attitude and the state of mind of the model, which are related to life questions that arise.

For more information, opening hours and location, see: https://www.museumvalkenburg.nl/en/agenda/duo-exhibition-dream-and-reality/