Marij Pollux-Linssen, wethouder Venlo (Foto Theo Solberg)

On Sunday 21 October the Venlo alderman Marij Pollux-Linssen opened the exhibition ‘The collection of Maarten and Reina van Bommel van Dam’ in Museum Land van Valkenburg. The more than 1000 copies of modern art collection were donated by the couple to the municipality of Venlo in 1969. That led to the well-known Museum Van Bommel van Dam. This has recently been closed and will eventually move to the vm. Post office in Venlo. The most beautiful works now hang in Museum Valkenburg in a composition like never before exhibited in Venlo.
Alderman Pollux already announced new plans: Van Bommel van Dam renews itself. It will focus on various target groups and collaborate more with other parties such as the museum in Valkenburg. The first test has been completely successful.

Claudia Bisschops, wethouder Valkenburg (Foto Theo Solberg)

With this, alderman Claudia Bisschops agreed. During the opening she emphasized the importance of art in society. Collaboration can strengthen that position.

Monda Heshusius spoke at the opening about a ‘cultural twinning’ that was established in a short time between Venlo and Valkenburg. The second exhibition will be a fact in the foreseeable future. To be continued.

Monda Heshusius (Foto Theo Solberg)

Look here for more information about the Van Bommel van Dam exposition.