Valkenburg Museum will show an intriguing exhibition by Karin van der Linden from Weert in the Jacques Vonkzaal from 5 May to 9 June 2019. Karin’s work exudes an atmosphere of memories, both in terms of performance and thematically. This is in fact the essence of the work. Memories offer Karin fixed values, with which she gives her work meaning and direction.

Karin van der Linden (1957) starts making assemblies in 2010. To this end, she collects orphan materials: objects, or parts of them, with a past. By combining them, merging them together and adding their own creations, penetrating atmospheric images are created. Her recent work shows a shift to working with and processing textiles. Embroidery plays an increasingly important role, without the images losing in intensity. The themes she deals with in her work are topics from daily life: love, death, the life cycle and letting go. In her work, she links the mysterious lives of her mother and grandmother, as well as the influence that these lives have had on her own life, to the aforementioned themes.

The exhibition can be seen from 5 May to 9 June, click HERE for more information .