Artworks from Willibrord Nota (Uithoorn 1956) for sale in the Museum Shop of Museum Valkenburg 2019/2020.

Willibrord about his work: “The experiment comes first for me. I use mixed techniques for this: monoprinting, drawing, painting and collage. I work on paper and panel with oil paint, graphite, pigment and metal. Sometimes the work is very expressive with large ferocity, sometimes poetic and still.

My subjects: Vases, bowls, pots, bottles, flowers, branches, butterflies and chapels. I usually look for mining subjects close to home. For example, in the past I have made an exhibition about My Inner Garden and in recent years the chapel for my house can regularly be found in my work.

There are many abstract elements in my figurative work. That is one of the reasons that I regularly work completely abstractly. ”