In the current exhibition by Bommel van Dam we see the most diverse works. Below we will explain an Armando painting for you:

Armando – Paysage Criminel

The title of the painting is Paysage Criminel.
This painting is thick and roughly painted with white lines. Do we see a carcass with blood in a dark landscape here? We do not know. We have to leave it to our own imagination.
Armando, nationally and internationally famous, sold 10 drawings to Maarten van Bommel for 10 guilders (now about € 5). He was very happy with that, because he could buy new material for that. The museum in Amersfoort, named after him, burned down in the nineties and with it all the artworks present. A new Armando museum was opened in 2014 in Oud-Amelisweerd an estate near Bunnik.

Armando was a poet, writer, violinist, filmmaker, film actor and artist. He died in 2018.

This work and many others from the Van Bommel van Dam collection can still be seen until January 20, 2019, see HERE for more information.