During exhibitions, Museum Valkenburg, together with the artist of art connoisseurs, highlights a specific work, this time ‘Ingendael VIII’ by Dorine van der Ploeg.

“I made this work last March. Rain radar had predicted a dry day and the sun was shining when I fell for the shadows on this path in the Ingendael. However, just starting, I was surprised by clouds and then drops. The sun – and thus my shadows – had disappeared and I was seriously considering stopping it and going home when I saw a real heavy rain cloud coming in. For me, this work is a good example of how the collage technique invites me to quickly I was able to cut the ‘rain curtain’ out of a piece of paper. And in combination with the few shadows that I could have taken when the sun was still shining, this has become a report of one of the last winter days of this year. ”

Dorine van der Ploeg.

The exhibition “Collages” by Dorine van der Ploeg can be seen in our upper room until 22 September 2019, click HERE for more information.