fecamp, Chris Roovers (foto: Theo Solberg)

The beach of Fecamp, where the people go into the sea, consists of boulders.
They roll up and down with a lot of noise.
Without shoes it is very painful to get in and out of the sea.
In 2012, I lost my courage so far, always jumping everywhere in the sea.
That was how confrontational my dive was in the sea.
If you look towards the sea, you will see a large rock party on your left. At low tide a very wide field of the most wondrous forms is exposed before the rock.
I never saw such a beautiful coastal strip.
Everything shines, sparkles, vibrates. The colors, the unprecedented forms.
There I was inspired and made, once again in the studio, the 3 related objects ‘Fecamp’.

Chris Roovers

The exhibition ‘Changing Times’ by Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers can still be seen until 24 March, more information click HERE.