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15 02 2019

Spotlight: Fecamp by Chris Roovers

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The beach of Fecamp, where the people go into the sea, consists of boulders. They roll up and down with a lot of noise. Without shoes it is very painful to get in and out of the sea. In 2012, I lost my courage so far, always jumping everywhere in the sea. That was how confrontational my dive was in the sea. If you look towards the sea, you will see a large rock party on your left. At low tide a very wide field of the most wondrous forms is exposed before the rock. I never saw such a beautiful coastal strip. Everything shines, sparkles, vibrates. The colors, the unprecedented forms. There I was inspired and made, once again in the studio, the 3 related objects 'Fecamp'. Chris Roovers The exhibition 'Changing Times' by Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers can still be seen until 24 March, more information on our website:

15 01 2019

“Wet Sunday” gave comfort

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Sunday afternoon January 13, 2019, just rain! Would people take this dog storm to attend the opening of an exhibition in the Land van Valkenburg museum? More than a hundred visitors hang their wet coats on the coat rack and go to the top floor of the monumental building. Not after they have been warmly welcomed by Chris Roovers, one of the two exhibitors. Above, Andrea, daughter of the artist couple Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers, is already waiting. A little later she can start a brave speech. She recalls that her father recently died and that this exhibition was planned before his death. We see this exhibition as a posthumous tribute to a versatile artist whose oeuvre consists of numerous etchings, drawings and paintings, whether or not commissioned. His legacy offers comfort to the relatives. That is why no works can be sold now. However, a book will be issued that can serve as a reference book. The work of Peter Bertus is nicely coordinated in this exhibition with the ceramic work of his widow, Chris Roovers. Her work is often very personal and almost everywhere there is a story behind it. That wet Sunday afternoon there are many words of praise on the atmospheric top floor of our museum!

5 12 2018

Soon: Exhibition “Changing Times”

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Soon: "Changing Times" an exhibition by Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers. In the upper room of Museum Land van Valkenburg, from 13 January to 24 March 2019, a special exhibition will be on view of artist couple Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers. Particularly because Peter Bertus died in 2018, and this exhibition was put together without his presence.