Exhibition by Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers

In the upper room of Museum Land van Valkenburg, from 13 January to 24 March 2019, a special exhibition will be on view of artist couple Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers. Particularly because Peter Bertus died in 2018, and this exhibition was put together without his presence.

Peter Bertus (1944-2018) was a draftsman, etcher and painter. He received his education at the Academy Artibus in Utrecht and at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. For years he worked as an illustrator for Dagblad de Limburger and as a teacher at Kumulus. From the early nineties, he concentrated entirely on free work, commissioned work and the etching of the historic city of Maastricht. This exhibition mainly shows the great diversity of his work. Shown are waterfall paintings inspired by his travels in Iceland and Norway, and the cloths with beaches and stones from the Breton coast. Early academy work with free graphics, portraits and abstract work completes the image of his development as an artist.

Chris Roovers (1952) returned to Maastricht after her studies at the Academy for Visual Education in Amersfoort and has since worked as a ceramist in an old school building at the foot of St. Pietersberg. The love for the material can be felt in her work. Besides classically linked forms, there is her free, very personal work that always comes from a story. Purely autonomous work and utensils alternate. Passing on the fun that can mean dealing with clay, Chris does through courses that have become a constant and important part of her working life. In this exhibition the diversity of her ceramic work can be admired.