During exhibitions, Museum Valkenburg highlights a specific work together with the artist or art connoisseur, this time: Michelle Faaij exhibits in the upper room of Museum Valkenburg with a series of portraits, including a few moving portraits of her granddaughter Elin.

About the history of these intriguing portraits, Michelle says: “My granddaughter Elin was already looking at her grandmother’s paintings as a baby. In August 2018, during ‘the weekend of the portrait’ with the theme self-portrait in Loods 6 in Amsterdam, Elin came, 2.5 years old, looking at grandma’s self-portraits with mum and her brother, who found it all very interesting, after which she wanted to paint herself in grandma’s paint shirt in the studio and of course with grandma’s paint. productive and progressing rapidly, from fidget and frills to real dolls with dresses and long hair; Elsa’s and Anna’s from Frozen. Last summer, Elin asked me if I wanted to make a painting of her: ? “and grandma said,” Promised. “” But do you make a large painting? And so it happened. Elin willingly posed and her Grandma made two small paintings and one very large painting. ”

Michelle Faaij

The exhibition ‘Character’ by Michelle Faaij can be seen until March 29, 2020, look here for more information: https://www.museumvalkenburg.nl/en/agenda/exhibition-characters-by-michelle-faaij/