Rocks, rugged mountain landscapes, waterfalls and seashores have always been an important source of inspiration for Peter Bertus. He liked to travel. Only together with his wife Chris Roovers and formerly with their children. Greece, Cornwall, Brittany, Ireland, Norway and later also Iceland. Also there in Norway and in Iceland, his youngest daughter Artemisia has been living there for more than 10 years, he was inspired by the rugged, desolate landscape. These journeys left numerous canvases, large and small, with waterfalls and rivers meandering through the colorful landscape. Or with seashores of Brittany and Cornwal and mountain landscapes from Greece.

Aan de kust van Peter Bertus

On this canvas On the coast (140 x 200 cm) you see a rugged coast of presumably Brittany. But it can also be Cornwall. Peter did not put a title, place or date everywhere. And unfortunately we can not ask him anymore. But is it bad that we do not know where this was exactly? Does that make the work different? It is an interpretation of a beautiful place by the sea. He has been there, sat on a rock, looked and painted or painted with water and paint, as he often did. Perhaps he even photographed the place and, only later in his studio, made this beautiful canvas. From a memory, a feeling and possible sketches.

A beautiful place somewhere on the coast …

Andrea Bertus

The exhibition ‘Changing Times’ by Peter Bertus and Chris Roovers can still be seen until 24 March, more information click HERE.

(Photo: Theo Solberg)