The exhibition, and the piece of work highlighted in it, “Remember Me” is based on memories of my mother, my grandmother and my own past. The mostly orphaned materials that I have used give an extra explanation.

My mother was born in a monastery in Krefeld where my grandfather and grandmother at the time, forced by circumstances, lived. She lived there with her brother for the first 12 years of her life. A period that determined the rest of her life.

The front of the piece shows embroidery, supplemented with photos and objects from that time.

In my childhood, during the holidays, I regularly visited monasteries related to my mother’s past. Photos of this are shown on the back of the workpiece.

In addition to the memories, the work also portrays a dark, laden atmosphere …

(text: Karin van der Linden, photos: Peter Heesakkers)

The exhibition ‘Remember Me’ can be seen until 9 June 2019, click HERE for more information.