It has now been three weeks since Valkenburg and our museum were hit by a severe flooding of the Geul. Most of the works of art that we exhibited on the ground floor came out undamaged. Unfortunately not all. After cleaning up all the rubble by our volunteers, it is the job of professionals to get the building dry and prepare it for recovery.

The owner of the property (municipality of Valkenburg) has hired a contractor to ensure that the property can dry properly first, thereby laying a foundation for repair. This means that complete wooden floors and plaster layers are removed from the walls. This allows the underlying stone types to dry better. A new floor and plaster layer will ensure a beautiful and solid end result in a few months. If you look at the clearing now, you can hardly imagine how it will ever be all right…. Of course it will, but it takes time, a lot of time.

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The eighty-five paintings and drawings by Harry Koolen and Judith Krebbekx appear to have largely been preserved due to the decisive action of the specialized company Helicon, a transport company and a number of our volunteers. After a few weeks in a special drying room in Zoeterwoude, they will soon be able to be transported to the South again. Except for seven paintings by Judith Krebbekx, which are so battered that they will first have to be treated in a restoration studio in Oosterhout.

Unfortunately, we also experience the tough inconvenience of conversations and negotiations with insurers’ loss adjusters. Our insurer has concluded that there is no compensation for the household effects because it concerns ‘flooding’. Hopes are pinned on the National Emergency Fund and our public campaign.

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