The flooding in Valkenburg aan de Geul has a long aftermath. Many businesses and restaurants in the center are still ‘picking up’ and that also applies to Museum Valkenburg.

Recovery started

The restoration of the affected ground floor is slowly taking place. For example, the walls in the main hall and the Eyck hall are (partially) plastered. There is another floor in the kitchen, the wall between the toilets has been repaired (not plastered yet).

At the moment there is still one building dryer, which is mainly aimed at drying the cellar under the Jacques Vonk room and kitchen.

There will be a new floor in the Jacques Vonk room, in the kitchen and probably also in the entrance area. The cupboard doors in the reception area, which were damaged by the moisture, have been replaced.

It is also being examined whether the repair work can focus on the placement of new lockers and a larger cloakroom. There is still a lot to do, but as you can see, things are slowly starting to move…


The exhibition committee is busy with the preparations for the upcoming exhibitions. Even though it is not yet entirely clear when the museum can open again. The aim is to reopen at the beginning of January 2022. This remains dependent on the progress of the work in the museum, but we are starting to make preparations for it.