A dramatic year for Museum Valkenburg is coming to an end. Unfortunately, due to the new lockdown, Valkenburg is largely closed again. The repair work in Museum Valkenburg, on the other hand, is continuing steadily. A big thank you to the municipality, which has taken up everything energetically with the restoration of the building.

We can now be proud of our museum again! Hard work has been done on the ground floor and the halls look immaculate again. The counter, the Jacques Vonckzaal and the kitchen have been given new floors and the kitchen has been fitted with a new kitchen unit. In order to be able to ventilate the moisture still present in the marlstone foundation and walls afterwards, retaining walls with ventilation grilles have been placed in the halls. Gray/white paneling has been installed in the reception hall so that the moisture behind it can also escape. Hydro devices will also be placed in the museum. The end of the paintwork is also in sight, only some finishing touches.

In order not to forget the tragedy of the flood, a piece of the original wall has been kept free. This way the visitor can still see how high the water has been.

We want to thank everyone for all the help, support, gifts and donations. This makes it possible (subject to corona measures) to start new exhibitions in March 2022.

Happy holidays and a healthy and artistic 2022!