From 2 February to 13 April 2020, Museum Valkenburg presents a homage to Harrie Bartels.

Five years after his death, Museum Valkenburg honors artist Harrie Bartels with a beautiful exhibition that gives an overview of his versatile work. Bartels died in 2015 at the age of 79. He came from Tegelen in North Limburg, graduated in 1963 from the Jan van Eyck academy in Maastricht. In the same year he received the Prize from the Municipality of Valkenburg (NLG 800).

Harrie Bartels has never done anything himself. He worked hard and thought it was a point of honor that he could support his family as an artist, says daughter Monica about her father. “Dad was a teddy bear. As a child I had a good relationship with him, I was proud of my father. But my mother, his wife Gonnie, was the engine that kept him running. She stopped working outside the home and arranged the administration, purchasing and sales for him and kept the studio clean so that my father could devote himself entirely to painting. That was what he wanted. ”

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