During exhibitions, Museum Valkenburg highlights a specific work together with the artist or art connoisseurs, this time Jan Hanlo and Valkenburg.

In 1927 Jan Hanlo (15 years old) came to live with his parents in Valkenburg. He moved to Amsterdam for his studies but returned in 1958 to take care of his sick mother. After her death, he continued to live in Valkenburg, until he died, in the gatekeeper’s house at Geerlingshof in Broekhem.

In 1997, B and W van Valkenburg decided to name a court on the site of the demolished gatehouse in which Jan Hanlo lived. A Jan Hanlohof never came. Local residents objected to this naming after they learned about Hanlo’s alleged love for young boys.
A commemorative plaque has been placed near his former home. Moreover, since 2016 the Jan Hanlo Poetry Path exists: a walking route with poem columns. The route leads from Chateau St. Gerlach in Houthem, via the place where Hanlo’s small porter’s house was, to the cemetery in the Bosstraat in Broekhem, where the poet is buried in the second row.

The exhibition “Jan Hanlo hep het gemaakt” can be seen until August 25, 2019, click HERE for more information.