Museum Valkenburg is currently showing work by Charles Hollman (1877-1953), who was born in Maastricht. In addition to the many landscapes, Hollman’s oeuvre consists of a large number of paintings from the bridges in Maastricht, elaborated with a stormy pathetics that is at odds with the fashionable and elegant work of his teacher Robert Graafland.

The painting “The Mine” shows that Hollman is also unmistakably attracted to the unimaginable power of machines, factories, mines and to the workers who control these forces. He has a great preference for painting large industries and the associated activities.

Hollman’s work is not only more impressionistic than the work of his teacher Robert Graafland, but also boisterous.

The exhibition “Charles Hollman” Impressionist pur sang can be seen until 13 April. Look here for more information: